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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: [RT] Updating our marketing strategy
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 23:21:55 GMT
Hunsberger, Peter wrote:
> Geoff Howard <> asks:
> <snip on Cocoon positioning/>
>>Related to positioning ourselves as glue/duct tape:
>>Speaking of J2EE, I think we are really missing the boat by 
>>not offering 
>>really dead-simple integration with EJB (even though so many here are 
>>waiting for its carcass).  The fact is that EJB for now is 
>>the reigning 
>>king and needs a good front end.  I know Cocoon works well 
>>with EJB but 
>>it isn't dead simple for a newbie to see how.
>>Unfortunately, I am not currently using them and didn't even have a 
>>container installed at home until recently.  Anyone want to 
>>work on some 
>>examples/code with me?


Just saw a post from you and remembered I lost this one.

> I've been starting to gather a little support for contributing some of
> our stuff to the project.  I know I can't do much of anything soon, but
> perhaps could do a lot more come this fall.  
> In particular, I've got some relational DB "Hedge generator" code that
> might work well as an example:  if you're familiar with Joe Celko's (SQL
> for Smarties) set/subset algorithms for managing hierarchical data in a
> relational database it exploits that structure directly to produce XML
> hedges with roughly O(N) memory and processing time (in proportion to
> the max hedge depth). (An XML Hedge is a collection of XML tree's
> sharing a common root.)
> The interfaces and abstract classes could be generally useful within
> Cocoon for Hedge production (and just need refactoring into the Cocoon
> package hierarchy which I could in an hour or so if I get permission
> from my Boss).  Working up a concrete implementation against some
> database would take a little more work.  If you're ok with just Session
> beans (no update, read only) I could maybe get an example together
> within a week or two if I get the ok.
> Would this be the kind of thing you're interested in?  If so, I'll push
> for permission to contribute it...

This sounds great - more advanced than I was envisioning, but that's a
Good Thing (TM).  Let us know if you have any luck.

If that doesn't work, perhaps a simpler example of just getting a 
reference to a Session or Entity bean within Cocoon and producing some 
xml out of it in a brain-dead way, or calling Session beans from flow 
would be a good start.   XSP would seem to be a very inviting and 
intuitive way in for those used to JSP fronting EJB (which it seems an 
awful lot of people are).


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