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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Questions/Suggestions for Woody
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2003 07:06:12 GMT
On 2/08/2003 8:57 Marc Portier wrote:

> but if they all do, then you'll have to make some decissions on smart 
> management of stylesheets and the like to get most if not everything 
> from one (at least a limited number of) source-file...
> I think it will take some of us actually doing these things before we 
> get a real feel to the matter (we plan on a smaller try-out with WML in 
> the not too distant future)
> Another issue I see however is the mismatch of number of widgets per 
> screen for each of these targets... this might call for splitting up a 
> lot more of these sources then the big XML dream was promising :-)
> Still Woody could at least do a best effort to ensure that all these 
> targets can be reached by applying the same competence mix somewhat.

... what Marc is trying to convey is that automagical multiple-device 
rendering and reuse of one form definition might be a dream, but very 
difficult to achieve.

A form of set of forms represents a use-case. We are quite convinced, 
even if Woody might support multiple renditions, that the use-case 
across devices might be totally different. You typically don't want a 
one-on-one translation from a complicated HTML form to the set of simple 
widgets provided in a WAP environment: you are going to provide your 
users with entirely different use-case.

Does that makes sense? As I said, this doesn't mean we think Woody would 
put something in the way of moving forward in the direction you 
mentioned. But a one-on-one, even a smart one auto-translation 
maintaining the same form model across media, might not be what your 
users are looking for.


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