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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Moving Cocoon wiki to proper ASF equipment [was: Re: Releasing 2.1]
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 20:07:16 GMT
On 1/08/2003 19:32 Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> If you are willing to take the initiative and set it up and maintain it, 
> we can figure out a solution that works.  But, the infrastructure@ group 
> can't/won't baby-sit everything on its own.  So, at least two committers 
> have to step up and be willing to maintain it.

Of course, and count me in on that.

> As a starting point, I'd recommend setting up the server on a high port 
> on minotaur and get everything working just right.  Once it's all 'up', 
> infrastructure@ can figure out what to do next.  But, doing this first 
> will ensure that all of the software can/does run on minotaur.  If it 
> doesn't run on FreeBSD (or there are problems), then you'll have to run 
> it on nagoya (which is a Solaris box).

The upgrade Pier was planning seems a bit over my capabilities to assist 
with, but if someone can point me out how a servlet container _should_ 
be installed on minotaur (where on the FS, what UID should be owning it, 
any related suggestions) I'd like to step up (together with Gianugo 
would be great) to start with a trial instance on a higher port. 
Integrating it with the httpd daemon in a sensible way might require 
access and assistance from root people anyhow, depending on the strategy 
we follow (mod_proxy, or mod_name_your_favourite_version_jk), so 
assistance in that perspective is welcomed as well.

> If you do run into problems, please let infrastructure@ know and we can 
> try to help you work through it.  But, it's unlikely we'll take 
> initiative on our own.

I never meant to force work upon you guys, but if there's thoughts 
towards a shared servlet container setup where JSPWiki for Cocoon is one 
of many deployed webapps, it's better to discuss here before moving in, 

> As an aside, have you considered using the SubWiki install?  ;-)  If 
> you'd be willing to use that, I might be enticed to help you migrate to 
> that away from JSPWiki.  See:
> It's written in Python!  Oh no!  -- justin

For the record: I like Python - and I'm pretty much agnostic towards 
specific WikiEngine implementations. But I don't like migrating 533 
pages of Wiki content from one WikiEngine to another.

In terms of sizing, here's some rough stats on the current instance:

(per month, rough rounding)

Successful requests: ~400K
Average successful requests per day: ~15K
Successful requests for pages: ~120K
Average successful requests for pages per day: ~4K
Data transferred: ~2.5 GB
Average data transferred per day: ~85 MB

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