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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: 'Production' build for Cocoon?
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 16:32:54 GMT
Hi Roger:

Can you write the intro as you suggested? Please don't take this question
in the bad sense. I think all of us can help to make a better Cocoon. We
are a community with a common interest called Cocoon framework.

I meet Cocoon a year ago (I still consider my self a newbie in Cocoon).
>From my point of view, there has been an amazing improvement in the Cocoon
documentation: Currently, we have 3 printed books released in less than a
year, a nice (still growing) wiki site with many info and helps docs to
read and at the end but not the last important a better official cocoon
documentation. A year ago there was nothing like that, just some docs in
the official cocoon site and a handfull articles somewhere in the vast
Internet. It is really amazing how long the project growed in the last
year. I saw that. Well, as usual, nothing is perfect and because of that
we are still working to improve Cocoon framework every day. I encourage
you to join us an helps in this wonderful project.

>From my own experience in the project I learned that:

"Critics are always welcomed, because helps to improve the framework. But
solutions are better welcomed".

By solutions I mean a patch that address a particular problem someone see.
Remember that this is a multi cultural community that try to use a unique
language (english). The skill of written english that members use is very
diferent. From totally beginners to people with great skill to write
english. This is a fact. Take my own example:

To write this mail I need more than 30 mins. I need to review what I wrote
to make sure if my message carries what I mean and I know still there are
many errors and sometimes after my own review my message is not carried in
the lines. But is is not because I am a stupid, this is because simply my
mother language is not english.

For there reasons, I think we need people with better skill of written
english to help us to write and improve the docs. And if this is your case
I encourage you to helps us to write your requested INSTALL.txt :)

As usual, when there is nothing, the first draft or the first block of the
construction is hard to put, after that when we have "something" then
improve it is easier! Please try to write the first draft. :)

At the end I want to write a phrase from a song from Pink Floyd:

"Together we stand, divided we fall" :)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

P.S: I dont want to fight with nobody here and I am not trying to attack
nobody. Please take my message in the most good sense. Really we need to
work together :)

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