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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Simple "production build" directions
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:06:11 GMT
--- Geoff Howard <> wrote:
> It will be easy to add a new build target "production-seed" (or 
> something to that effect) which would set those values and perform other 
> steps as needed.  This would change the instructions to 1) edit blocks 
> properties 2) ./ production-seed.  Would that be better in your 
> mind, or is a sample properties better?  I can see positives with both 
> solutions.

I lean toward a example properties file, because that introduces the
customization system that Cocoon uses.  I updated to proposed text to
refer to the "" as an example file:

  To make a production build without the documentation, samples, scratchpad,
  or deprecated code simply copy the example ""
  file to "" before going on to step 3.
  See below if you are rebuilding or wish to further customize the build.

> The key is not how to accomplish it (because the pieces are already in 
> place in the build to do either), but _what_ to accomplish.

The example "production build" does not have to be perfect for everybody,
just reasonable and relatively secure.  We already have the customization
instructions for making it perfect.

> Also, are there other config issues can be agreed on for this 
> target/recommended setting?  Logging level?  Allow/Deny uploads?

The default log level is already INFO, which is a reasonable default.
A default setting of Deny uploads is the most secure.

Perhaps we should add these two settings to the example production
build properties file, since they are among the most likely to be

  # ---- Configuration ----
  # ---- Webapp Build Properties ----

--Tim Larson

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