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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [RT] Implementing Cocoon Blocks
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 09:12:41 GMT
On 17.Aug.2003 -- 07:00 PM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Issues that were still unsolved
> 1) block identification
> All blocks (behaviors and implementations) are identified by a URI. the 
> format of the URI is as follows:
>      cob:organization/name/x.y(.z)

If we would identify a block by an XML document instead of a URI, we
could list features of a block. Version numbers are a very poor tool
to match requirements and capabilities. Then we could solve

>  2) dependency ranges
> When a block implementation depends on another block (either 
> implementation or behavior), it should be able to have an 'elastic' 
> dependency which doesn't connect it to the versioned identifier, but to 
> a range of those versions.

by using another XML document that lists required features. This way
it would be easy to decide if two blocks a compatible.

Those two documents, let's call them requires.xml and provides.xml,
could reside in the meta data subtree of the archive. The requires.xml
would need to declare a URI for every block it depends on which is
used to refer to it.

(This example is probably poor but should still illustrate the idea)

block "really cool skin"

   <feature name="html-skin"/>
   <feature name="wml-skin"/>

   <block name="core" uri="core">
      <feature name="html-serializer"/>

 <!-- ... -->

  <map:transform src="cob:core/html-skin"/>

 <!-- ... -->

Now, the block manager would select the block with the highest version
number that provides all required features and would map the
"cob:core" prefix to that particular block.

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