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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: Need help fixing a Woody flow sample
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 19:54:26 GMT
Thanks for the help.
So far, this is the only way I have gotten this to work.
In the flow change:
  cocoon.sendPage("success-pipeline", {"woody":form.getModel()});
and in a JXTemplate file use this syntax to get the value of the
"name" widget:
  <h3>Name: ${}</h3>

--Tim Larson

--- Christopher Oliver <> wrote:
> IMO the change to use "woody-form" is very poor choice because its not a 
> valid Jexl identifier. This means that if you want to access it in 
> JXTemplate you have to use this syntax:
> ${flowContext['woody-form'].someWidget}
> If you change it to say 'woodyForm' you can access it directly:
> ${woodyForm.someWidget}
> As far as Xsp, you should be able to access it using jpath:
> <jpath:value-of select="woody-form/someWidget"/>
> My $0.02,
> Chris

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