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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: legacy.js and sendmail action (smallish rant)
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 13:16:20 GMT
On 21.Aug.2003 -- 02:50 PM, Steven Noels wrote:
> Hi peeps,
> Other than hacking too much infrastructural stuff into my little 
> flowapp, I wanted to reuse the SendMail Action from my script. It seems 
> however that this would require legacy.js to be finished. So I went to 
> check whether the existing SendMail class was already Avalonified in 
> order to be able to easily call it from my script, but that was not the 
> case. So I guess I'll have to walk the merry road of loading JavaMail 
> classes in my script and hack my way around it.

Hi Steven,

so much for me being the only one who was interested in makeing calls
to actions from flow easy :-(

Anyway, although not Avalonized have a look at
o.a.c.mail.MailMessageSender, the class that does the real work for
the SendmailAction. Should be easier to use than plain
javamail. Another solution would be to send the mail in an XSP..... 

> Anyway, just a FYI. ;)

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