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From Phil Shafer <>
Subject Using cocoon: source in <xsl:import>s
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 15:33:46 GMT
I'm seeing an error when I use <xsl:import>s containing
cocoon: sources. During processing of the import sources,
ResourceReader.processStream() calls:

   response.setHeader("Content-Length", Long.toString(contentLength));

But the response referenced is the _original_ (external)
http request, not some internal one.

The result is that if cocoon:source has a length that
is less than that of the request, the response is

Has anyone seen this? Bugzilla didn't have anything appropriate.

The handling of sources in XSLTProcessorImpl is fairly
new code, right? Should it be doing something more than just:

   xslSource = resolver.resolveURI(href);

like consing up a request/response?  Or is the problem really just
that setHeader shouldn't be called (unconditionally)?


P.s.: This is on cocoon-2.1m3-dev running with tomcat under linux,
solaris, and freebsd.

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