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From Bruno Dumon <>
Subject Re: Woody flow example do not work
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:45:46 GMT
On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 14:59, Sylvain Wallez wrote:
(on the topic of the validator function in woody flowscript integration)
> Thinking further, I really think we must separate event handler and 
> application-related-validator. These are really two different concerns.

yep, they should be split.

> Furthermore, the event handler decides if the _form_ validation should 
> occur, meaning that if a single function is to implement both concerns, 
> the event-handling part has to manually validate the form and check the 
> validation result before going to its application-related-validation 
> part. This is not clean, and opens the door both to unreadabable code 
> and to complicated bugs (what if I do business validation on a form 
> which is not valid?).
> Sylvain
Bruno Dumon                   
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