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From Bruno Dumon <>
Subject Re: cocoon + MS SQL Server problem
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 08:30:46 GMT
Maybe this is caused by the following recently-fixed bug?

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 09:21, Leszek Gawron wrote:
> I am successfully using cocoon as a middle tier to Microsoft SQL Server engine
> via Microsoft JDBC driver (SP1). I do not really know if this is a cocoon or a
> JDBC driver issue but I'm unable to determine it without your help.
> The goal of the project is to provide the end user with alternate client to 
> various accounting systems. The client application resides on Pocket PC based 
> devices (C++) and communicates with middle tier via HTTP (sending and receiving 
> xml instructions and data).
> Now the problem:
> One of our customers reported that after some days of my cocoon based middie
> tier running that his accounting system starts working veeery slow. The only
> connection point between my system and the accounting system is the database 
> as the original accounting clients connect directly to SQL Server database.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> |The fix he found: restart Tomcat on which cocoon resides. The effect is    |
> |immediate and everything goes back to normal (for 2-3 days).               |
> |                                                                           |
> |The version installed at custmers site is cocoon-2.1 (cvs version about a  |
> |month old). For my database communication I use __ESQL only__.             |
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Best regards
> 	Leszek Gawron
Bruno Dumon                   
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