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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Flow + Hibernate sample offer
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 16:19:10 GMT
Dear All,

I have just been given permission by my client to open source 
the application I have been writing for them for editing their SQL 
dataset (their Archive on

My hope is that this could constitute a sample of working with 
FlowScript + JX + Hibernate. It would not be otherwise useful to 
anyone, because it all depends on inIVA's copious data (which would 
obviously not be supplied).

I would either supply the App as a .gzip download, or maybe from the 
private CVS I use.

I imagine I would put a page on the wiki to alert people of the 
existence of the sample, with a link to the download.

So, some questions ....

	what do you think, is this a good idea?
	should/can I add the Apache license to it?
	does it matter that I used my own form-framework, not Woody, JXForm 
	would anyone care to peer-review it (to check I have used good 
practises) before release?
	should I publish it with a test dataset, so the jUnit tests work (if 
so, how)?
	are there any other issues I have not thought of?

Thanks for your feedback

regards Jeremy

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