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From "Carlos Araya" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Comercial-Production Build Target Needed
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:51:59 GMT

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From: "Robert Simmons"

> What I would like to see in Cocoon is a build target that is sort of like
> the following:
> > build.bat production
> This build would build cocoon according to the and
> the However, it would not include any samples,
> demos, documentation, API documents, sub-sitemaps or any of the other
> that comes with cocoon. It would be a completely BLANK binary build. In
> sitemap there would be declarations for components I build but no
> at all.
You can do that with the exclude parameters. Something like this (it worked
for 2.0 and it should work for 2.1 although it's marked as deprecated):

./  -Dinclude.webapp.libs=yes
               -Dexclude.webapp.javadocs=yes webapp

The 2.1 documentation mentions the file but doesn't
tell whether samples, docs and javadocs are included as blocks or as part of
the core distribution.

> In addition there should be:
> > build production_jetty
> This target would produce an empty binary cocoon as described in the
> previous target except this one would be merged with the Jetty container
> including the batch files to start cocoon inside of Jetty.
> This request follows the other thread about the subject but there was so
> much flaming going on in that thread, I decided to let it die.Professional
> developers building products for their companies or clients don't want to
> deliver the whole ball of yarn because 1) the customer doesn't want the
> whole ball of yarn and 2) the examples and documents are superfluous to a
> deployed web application.
Using the same logic as for the empty webapp there is no need for a specific
target as you can configure and customize Cocoon to suit your needs

> For any Cocoon developer that has worked on the build file this should be
> matter of an hour or two of work. For someone like me who isn't a Cocoon
> developer, like me, it could take weeks to figure out all the dependencies
> and integration. If Cocoon really wants to branch out into being a
> production product like Tomcat, this build target is MANDATORY. The fact
> that it isn't there right now is astounding to me!! I'm cocoon is not
> intended to be actually used, please let me know.
While I agree that Cocoon is a huge piece of work. I believe that the build
system has got a lot more user friendly in the last couple months.

Cocoon takes care of letting you know if jars and dependecies are missing at
build time. I don't see that being too much of a problem (and I'm not a
programmer either having sweated the learning curve as everyone else)

Why Jetty as a mandatory build target? Don't you think that if we start
creating container/J2EE application container specific targets then we're
going to have a build.xml file that is as large as Cocoon? If people want
Jetty support out of the box, who is to say that the people supporting Resin
are not going to be next?

Cocoon is intended to be used. But it also requires a learning proccess,
just like any other development framework and if you see something that
needs to be changed, you're more than welcome to patch it and return it to
the community :-)


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