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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: [OT] getting no mails from Apache (again)
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 05:26:05 GMT
Hi Jörg,

I also have problems with my Apache mails and I asked
some days ago similar questions. Brian Behlendorf responded:

"...for some reason, mail destined for frequently goes for days
without being deliverable.  I can't tell you why, only the
admins can.  If a message can not be delivered for 3 days, it is
bounced; so now that (if!) mail is working, you will probably
get messages from mailing lists you were on either probing to see if the
account is still bouncing, or letting you know you were removed (though
those messages may have bounced as well).  I would strongly recommend
that you choose some other mail provider.  In the past I have added to the list of domains to bounce immediately in an attempt to
clean up the delivery queue a bit; I'll try not to do that next time."


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> From: Joerg Heinicke [] 
> Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 4:19 PM
> To:
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> Subject: [OT] getting no mails from Apache (again)
> Hello,
> it's now the second time that I don't get any mail from 
> Apache, though 
> I'm subscribed to several lists. Because I'm not the only one 
> using GMX 
> I wanted to ask if anybody else has problems receiving Apache mails. 
> They simply seem to stop without any particular reason - and the last 
> time after some weeks I got the mails again, also without any reason. 
> It's not a problem of subscribing, the mails simply don't 
> come through 
> from Apache to GMX. After the outage the last time I got big 
> mails from 
> Apache mailing software ezmlm that it could not deliver the 
> mails with 
> "host not found" or something similar. But I don't want to take my 
> Apache address (I have now resubscribed with it for receiving 
> the mails) 
> for writing mails as long as I can not use my Mozilla mail 
> for it. I'm 
> not that shortcut junkie, that likes to use pine ...
> One of the last mails I got yesterday is 54342 at 
> I didn't receive my own reply on 
> this mail 54346. (Maybe this helps for finding out the reason.)
> Joerg

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