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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: deprecated, source resolver, test case mess
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 09:17:34 GMT

On 24 Jul 2003, David Crossley wrote:

> Stephan Michels wrote:
> > The only testcase, which depends on the deprecated package is the
> > ResolverImplTestCase, I think. I don't know the status of the
> > Resolver, but I see that parts of it went into the xmlutil package of
> > Excalibur.
> >
> > So, perhaps someone can throw light on?!
> The entity-resolver testcases were some of the earliest testcases for
> Cocoon. They helped a lot (and still do help) to test cross-platform
> issues. Many thanks to Berni Huber for them. He did warn us at the time
> that they would be hard to maintain.
> Now the entity resolver components have moved to Avalon. Cocoon makes
> direct use of it via Excalibur. The testcases still use the old classes,
> merely because they have not been updated following the move.
> I think that it would be good to re-implement those testcases over at
> Avalon beside their code. However, i do not have time for that at the
> moment. We can hopefully get them from the Cocoon CVS Attic when needed.
> Do we still need the entity-resolver testcases in Cocoon? I think that
> things are stable now in the 2.1 ... can you use the Catalog Entity
> Resolver sample (if the first sample renders a page then okay)
> and see the test document from the page at:
> http://localhost:8888/docs/installing/tests.html
> and run 'build test' okay?
> I can on Linux, so i am +0.9 for the removal of the testcases.
> (The fractional bid is only because i cannot help.)
> There are other filesystem testcases which would be good to keep.

Okay, thank you for the explaination. So, then we should move the
testcase to the repository of Excalibur.


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