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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: Woody or JXForms? + hibernate or * ?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:35:19 GMT

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> On Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 09:53 PM, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> > After checking all the docs. For forms: I cannot decide between JXForms
> > and Woody? Please I need an advise from the gurus in forms.
> I have not tried Woody (Sorry Bruno).
> I did however decide quite early on to use JXTemplate rather than
> JXForm as I found I was constantly having to work around stuff in
> JXForm that did not suit my approach.
> JXForm is particularly good at the multi-page wizard-type scenario, if
> your needs are different, you may find it too restrictive. This is not
> a criticism though!!!

I also prefer the more common way of JXTemplate.

> > I am still trying to find other ways similars to Hibernate since it
> > looks
> > like Hibernate is not a favorite player because of his LGPL license. :(
> Yea, I know, it is a shame, but we do have a workaround now, in terms
> of the independant project repository at, which could
> legitimately be used for blocks that contain LGPL code.
> > I know there is a jakarta project related to database stuff. DBCP is
> > just
> > a Database connection pool. but,
> I went straight for Hibernate and did not even investigate the Apache
> stuff I am afraid. I just took the word of some peers who said,
> Hibernate is cool and easy.

I wondering why everyone prefer Hibernate. I use Castors JDO-like
implementation a lot, and I love it. You also have the benefit that
you can serialize the object to XML. And has a BSD-like license,
which is compatible with the Apache license, I think.

I wrote InputModules to make the access easier, and map them to
JXPath functions. Using a mixture of the JXTemplate- and
JPathTransformer, I can use Castor like this

    <component-instance class="modules.JDOInputModule" name="article"
       query="SELECT article FROM model.Article article WHERE$$"
    <component-instance class="modules.JDOInputModule" name="articles"
       query="SELECT article FROM model.Article article"

<jx:variable name="article" select="getArticle(request/id)"/>
<jx:value-of select="$article/title"/>

<jx:for-each select="getArticles()">
 <jx:value-of select="title"/>

<jx:copy-of select="$article/descriptor"/> <!-- produces XML data -->

Stephan Michels.

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