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Subject Re: [RT] Woody and round trip of parameters.
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 18:46:15 GMT
Contribution form:  a series of contribution payments is precalculated. 
User may override the amount of any payment in the series by entering a 
different number in the text widget (as long as the payments still add up 
to the original total).  To enhance usability, similar logic is used in 
many of the forms we process.

A very interesting discussion.


"Antonio Gallardo" <> 
07/30/03 02:02 AM
Please respond to


Re: [RT] Woody and round trip of parameters.

Marc Portier dijo:
> I can't see a need for a field that should be 'calculated
> automatically' AND be editable at the same time.
> (I tried though)
It sometimes happens, for example here in my country, in a restaurant
invoice is a non written rule to pay 10% of the subtotal to people that
serviced you. But if you dont want to pay this you can change the amount
or not pay it at all. Then you need to create another invoice with the

Also diplomatic people does not pay taxes. If you have an automatic
formula to calculate the X % tax, when this people show you their ID, you
need to put the tax amount to 0.

I think is are two examples when a formula can be change by the user.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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