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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: The new portal framework: questions and thoughts
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 14:34:42 GMT
Alex Romayev wrote:
> I've posted this on the users list a few days ago, but
> got no replies, so I'm re-posing it here, especially
> hoping to get Carsten's attention.
:) Must have missed it...

> 1. Can you share with us the drivers for creating the
> new portal?
Yes, of course - it's publically. The initial version has been
a joined development effort by BASF IT-Services and s&n.
We used input from various users and customers.
When we got a running (but by far not completed version)
we donated it to Cocoon, now everyone can help
in making it better.
Currently, BASF IT-Services and we will continue the
development in Cocoon in the next weeks and months;
but we hope that others step in.

>  - Why are you not extending the current portal-fw?
The design of the old portal, well, is good for the tasks it
does, but is not that extensible. So designing a new version
from scratch is a better/cleaner solution.

>  - Is it going to be compatible with portal-fw?
Currently, not fully. The new portal will have the same features,
but the XML describing a portal looks different. However
by using a stylesheet it's possible to maintain compatibility.

>  - What are the differences/new features in the new
> portal? 
- Flexible Publishing Engine
- Component oriented architecture
- event handling
- pluggable

> 2. Layout
> I've noticed that you are changing the layout
> configuration, which is definitely a welcome change. 
> The column layout worked fine, but was even behind
> WebLogic/WebSpere portals, which at least allow
> spanning columns.  However, I find even the spanning
> design very limiting.  
It's only a demo and can be improved/customized :)

That's for today...


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