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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Hibernate vs. OJB
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 08:00:10 GMT
I just played around with hibernate and it worked very well, but what I 
absolutely don't like is how you can query objects: you have to specify
a SQL-like query string! In this respect OJB is far better as it provides
the possibility to assemble a query from objects. So I'm looking into
OJB next, for me it seems cleaner.

But apart from that: I don't know.


Leszek Gawron
> Has anyone got any experiences? I am a complete "persistence 
> layer newbie",
> but I'd like to start a project using either Hibernate or OJB. After 15
> minutes of googling I got:
> etter_than
> which point out that Hibernate is better (got more options, 
> provides a better
> control of what is going "inside").
> The advantages of OJB mentioned in previous posts are:
> 1. Licensing termns
>    Hibernate is LGPL which makes it impossible to include in cocoon
> 2. OJB uses standard JDO API while Hibernate got it's own API
> Both of the facts are not connected with the libraries' 
> functionality at all.
> Maybe I do not get a big picture here but I think that 
> functionality is what
> matters the most.
> regards
> 	LG

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