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From Jonathan Spaeth <>
Subject Advanced form validation using jxforms
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:11:37 GMT
I have been working on a set of cocoon apps for the past three or four
months now. The basic idea is simple data management; replacing a large
number of spreadsheets with sql-database-driven apps using cocoon and
jxforms (originally xmlform, but I migrated when jxforms became available).

The problem or issue I have recently come across is the need to do more
advanced form validation than is easily doable with the standard set of
xpath functions.  Specifically, if some type of regular expressions
functionality were available to the schematron validator system, the
validation system would be much more powerful.

Currently, (as far as I know; please correct me if I'm wrong), the only way
to register a jxpath extension function is by manipulating java code.  If
the validator classes were modified to ... Say ... Register a java class to
use as a jxpath extension function by associating it with a namespace within
the schematron xml document, I believe we could obtain some regular
expression matching or validation within the jxforms validator.

Any questions or suggestions or comments?


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