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From "Hugo Burm" <>
Subject Round trip with org.apache.cocoon.xml.dom.DOMUtil.node2String
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 19:54:15 GMT

I dump my DOM node with org.apache.cocoon.xml.dom.DOMUtil.node2String to a
Then I try to parse this string, hoping to create a copy of the original
node, but I get a number of parser errors.

The problem is that node2String expands entities like "&amp;" into "&". And
when I parse the resulting string, I get the errors I could wait for.

I can do a workaround myself (search and replace). But I am wondering: is
this behaviour by intention or is it a bug? If not, how can I do this round
trip more  gracefully?

I have the feeling that I did miss something elementary. But I did all the
obvious things (checking the archives and trying Google).


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