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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Webdavapps with Cocoon
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:02:10 GMT

On Tuesday, Jul 29, 2003, at 10:19 Europe/Rome, Nicola Ken Barozzi 

>>> So in reality, there should be a kind of mechanism *before* 
>>> Generation that is able to present the sitemap with payloads as urls 
>>> and Requests in the content as Request data.
>> This mechanism must occur not only before generation, but before 
>> *any* processing in the sitemap, since flow, matchers, action, etc 
>> will need the payloads.
> I think so.

Yeah, well, we must draw a line somewhere because if we have to know 
the payload before matching, but matchers give me indication on what 
type the payload is, we have a design deadlock :-(

I think that the "extraction" (aka "payload parsing") should happen 
after matching and right before anything else.

>> It's basically RequestFactories coming back on the table. But this 
>> time, this must be more than a simple class to handle file uploads.


> Then we had source protocols, that seemed to have resolved all 
> pre-generation problems, as it basically does what a "locator" should 
> do.

ahhhhhh, good idea... back on the whiteboard...


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