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From David Kavanagh <>
Subject service manager Q
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:18:19 GMT
I'm getting my GenericTaskManager stuff running under 2.1rc1 and ran 
across a snag. I thought 2.1 was switching over to the whole Serviceable 
interface. So, I make this action I wrote implement Serviceable and ask 
the ServiceManager for a component that is defined in the cocoon.xconf 
file (the GenericTaskManager) and I get some class back called 
"$Proxy2"! So, that is an inner class with no package!
I look around the code and it looks like the ExcaliburComponentManger is 
still being used which deals just with Components. Should I even try 
asking the ServiceManager for components defined in the cocoon.xconf file?


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