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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Schools of Development [was: Re: Cool (work)flow GUI editor]
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:28:05 GMT

Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Steven Noels dijo:

<snip />

>>Kidding aside, is my categorization more or less correct? Might be cool
>>to put on a slide once.
> Seriously, where I can find more about "Apples" and "Dywel"? It is being
> be part of Cocoon?

is Carsten's personal attempt at the form-handling-thing

- he announced it first here:
- and is now active in the woody discussions to see which parts 
of woody could serve his vision
- I think he's more or less still in the early stages of design 
and prototype (just like woody in fact)
- his blog somewhat provides a basis for follow up on the status
- he is best placed to correct/augment where needed

is my first throw at building a flow implementation framework 
that would allow for classic Java/Avalon components to be holding 
the business logic of your flow aware use cases.

- most of the ideas behind it were first expressed here:
- As for the code itself: I wrapped it up as an 
alpha-cocoon-block which for now can be found here:
- A guide into this initial design and usage is here:
- feel free to ask questions on any of this

as for community impact / adoption / participation: this is to 
date largely dreamware and tryout stuff ... your comments and 
participation are welcome

I think this kind of research helps out in getting a better 
understanding, and can generate some sensible refactorings by 
taking a different view to things

  if / when / how / why all of this ever gets adopted by the 
community (and becomes really a 'school') is not to be predicted, 
we did however have a recent thread that expressed the commitment 
from all sides to make sure these alternatives are not to become 
a basis for fragmentation of the group-effort, but rather 
supporting and goaled at integration and unification

Marc Portier                  
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