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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [RT] a MVC model.
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:23:02 GMT

Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi:
> I am trying to build a MVC model using Cocoon. I drafted an initial
> diagram of how it can be. I prefered to post a image because this can be a
> better overview of the proposed MVC model under cocoon.

nice diagram
maybe some of the diagrams (bruno-art) in the woody-docs at the 
wiki could be of help too (presuming you need to work on some 
tutorial or presentation of any kind)

> On the Woody part I feel is poor defined because I don't get a deep look
> inside Woody. But soon I would do this. :)

you're quite close on the woody part already
one small change I would make is change the Form-Manager box to 
just read 'Form'

when your flow-case starts it typically uses the form-manager and 
the binding-manager to instantiate a 'form' and a 'binding' from 
their respective configuration files

once started the data flows from your bean to the form (the 
form-manager is no longer in the loop)

there is also a subtle nuance in the fact that the binding is 
happening under control of the flow (it is not a property of the 
form in fact) but I would explain that in words (and only if 
needed) rather then try to express that in the drawing

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