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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [RT] Woody and round trip of parameters.
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 07:33:48 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Marc Portier dijo:
>>some attempt/proposal:
>>definition-model declares field:
>>case A: nothing special  -> defaults to read-write
>>case B: as being read-only
>>case C: specific as read-write
>>binding declared on field
>>case 1: nothing special  -> defaults to inherited from the field
>>case 2: as being read-only
>>case 3: specific as read-write
>>then what happens
>>A.1 == C.3 == C.1 == A.3: full read-write on all stages
>>B.2: data flows only from backend up to the browser
>>B.1: binding level reads from the field definition that it is
>>read-only and inherits the behaviour --> B.2
>>B.3: binding level will save although the end user could not change
>>A.2 = C.2: allow user change, but don't save back to the object-model
>>(which sounds awkward? I don't see a case needing this ATM)
>Sorry to said that but this is very complex. :(
>I think we have only 2 case on every one, the nothing special case is a normal default.

And what about introducing XMLForm's "output" element as a read-only 
Woody widget ? This widget would have a datatype and converter just as a 
normal field, but would not parse it's value from the request. 
Furthermore, it could have an expression to compute its value.

Thoughts ?


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