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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: IncludeCacheManager
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 21:27:27 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Geoff Howard wrote
>>>>It seems to me that the business of the cinclude transformer should be
>>>>to support cacheability of included pipelines but not actually
>>>>interact with the cache - that seems to be the business of the
>>>>pipeline.  Am I way off?
>>>IncludeCacheManager puzzles me too. May be we are off together? :)
>>Maybe it's the heat?
> It really must be the heat that I didn't saw this thread earlier! I only
> have this mail and not the original mail, so if there is more interest
> let me know.
>>So, any idea who knows about this?
> To get the person in charge, look at the author tags...ok, you don't have
> to, I'm the one writing the IncludeCacheManager...and it's a really cool
> component!

I did see you on the author tag, and on recent commits, but figured it 
still could be anyone.

> Now, the caching of the IncludeCacheManager is different from the usual
> cocoon caching. The IncludeCacheManager caches the response of an
> included (via cinclude) resource for a defined time. So it always
> caches the whole response regardless if e.g. a pipeline is used for
> the included content or an http request. In addition the content
> is valid for the defined period of time, regardless what the source
> might say by looking at last modified etc.
> So, the IncludeCacheManager has in fact nothing to do with the Cocoon
> Pipeline Cache, but has an own approach for the included content.
> Now, actually you can fine-tune your application with this. E.g. you
> can use the cinclude transformer to include dynamic data with the
> usual cinclude tag and also at the same time cached content using
> the cached-cinclude tag.
> A customer of us uses this approach in production and is really impressed
> by the performance boost this component gave them (while maintaining
> compatibility and flexibility at the same time).

OK, I kind of see.

I wonder if a more general solution using delegation would work too? 
There is a patch in bugzilla that Unico Hommes worked up specifically 
for the event based cache, but its use could be more general.

I think my immediate question is answered - because this lives outside 
the normal Cache, anything that relies on Cache (which may be nothing 
except the stuff I'm working on?) will need special handling if it needs 
to take IncludeCached content into consideration.


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