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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Controller/Sitemap integration
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:31:35 GMT

Reinhard Pötz wrote:
>>Coming back on the vote:
>>the issue here is not really about renaming these classes, but 
>>about introducing this FlowState abstraction layer.  Your remark 
>>rightfully makes me see I was starting to overlook the subtle nuance.
>>all in all, I have the feeling this is not really part of the 
>>public interface we want to nail down here and now ?
>>(meaning that I believe the introduction of this layer could be 
>>done whithout much effect on applications that just use an 
>>certain flow implementation, of course the flowprocessor impl's 
>>themselves would have some refactoring ahead)
> I don't understand the current flow implementation from Ovidiu and
> Chris  or Sylvain's and your proposal in all depth but whatever 
> the future brings should only change implementations - the user
> shouldn't even notice that something has changed.

I share your hope

>>the same remark probably goes for the FlowEngine/Processor and 
>>might explain our lesser natural connection to these issues on 
>>the table?
> Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with this last paragraph.

yeah, I must say it was very poetic :-)

I noticed much of us have expressed the indifference feeling on 
this engine/processor issue,

we'ld have to give it a name here and now, but I guess all of us 
kind of 'feel' that changing this in the event we have built up 
enough evidence for either case will not be of that high influence...

> Reinhard

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