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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [Woody] New tag <wd:hotkey> -> Re: Woody and user help....
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:16:07 GMT
without much thought the hotkey seems to be more of a Template 
thing, no?

although it probably relates to the label... have to think some more

in any case (my client side js-knowledge is limited) can you 
actively do something with this access-key knowledge in HTML forms?


Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Bruno Dumon dijo:
>>On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 00:09, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>>>Will be included the <wd:help> tag into Woody?
>>Oops, sorry for ignoring your previous mail about the topic... actually
>>I have been pondering a while about whether the wd:label tag in the form
>>definition makes any sense at all (and if it shouldn't simply be
>>something that is part of the view template or xsl), and that's what got
>>me distracted. But now I think it does make sense, and thus so does
>>I'll try to implement it when I have some time.
> Thanks.
> By the way, I think the <wd:label> tag is important too. But it must be
> optional. Sometimes we dont like to show any label for a widget.
> <wd:help> must be also a optional tag.
> There is missing another tag the <wd:hot-key> or <wd:access-key> tag.
> Maybe this can be an attribute of the <wd:label> tag.
> The implementation of this tag also can be a problem with the i18n. For
> example: In a text box:
> Language        label        Hotkey
> english         surname       "s"
> spanish         apellidos     "a".
> Of course other languages vary. This is a problem that also must be
> solved. Also note that not always the first char is the hotkey. The hot
> key must be unique for every widget in the form. Example:
> If we have on the same form text boxes labeled "surname", "source" the hot
> key can be "s" for "surname" and "o" for "source".
> I know this things are basics, but not for that we can forget it :)
> I just tried to scratchpad this little problem. To show some enhancements
> we can do in the great form machinery called woody.
> Of course is up to the implementator is he will implement in the view
> <wd:help>, <wd:label> and <wd:hotkey>.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo.

Marc Portier                  
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