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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [RT] Adaptive Caching
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:31:24 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Oh god, it seems that I really can't get thru these days.
> It's probably time to shut up and let code speak for me.
> -- 
> Stefano.

I feel your pain, brother...

as for the topic: printed out already, but somehow all my slack 
time gets eaten up at the moment so I haven't put myself to 
actually relax, sit down, and read carefully

so out of the blue and possibly doing total injustice to what you 
have written I just had this idea poppin' up:

maybe in between 'the solid (dry) math' in the RT and the 
'speakin for itself' code that makes us all see there might be 
the intermediate step that gets us on board earlier:

maybe it makes sense to describe the effect on our lives?
- what would be changed in the coding process of the components 
we write to day? (I currently have the feeling: there is none)

- what would be changed in the setup/configuration of a running 
sever? (I see a cost funtion mentioned in the mails that folowed, 
and have indeed lost who will provide it, I know I need to read 

- the layman version of all of this might also be in telling 'the 
life story' of an item in the cache?  (sorry if that does 
injustice to the academic value of things)

- the classical drawing that says a 1000 words? even if it is 
just the UML diagram of the code you would start on?

if all of this is totally unrelated (or already in the 18 pages, 
or even just an awful lot more work then just writing the code), 
just say so, in the other case some of it could serve as a guide 
for reading the RT

PS: I remember printing the first version out a long time ago, 
every 3 months or so I came across it and made the same pledge: 
"I will read", if nothing else this mail is stating that publicly.
Marc Portier                  
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