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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: [RT] the value of being wrong
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 06:21:41 GMT
Reinhard Pötz wrote:

> 6) You opened (at least) my eyes that technical elegance is not
> always the best and that in OS there are more important things. 
> And I think many of us will be more careful with second, third
> and fourth, ..., implementations which all do the same ...

I must confess, that I thought exactly the same way.

I never was feeling so much "at home" at a developer community like in 
this one, even if I'm more a listener than a speaker here.

Stefano does really a great job at community management, and it takes 
time for new people to realize that.

Often I thought that he's a bit arrogant (forgive me, Stefano ;-), but 
now I realized, that sometimes he's provocating something (which 
sometimes might be his real opinion) just to keep the community healthy.

Now I realized that it's all about the community that counts.
Excellent technical design might come by itself.

I might go even a step further:
If there's a growing community with people who respect every individual 
then their product must strive to technical excellance with respect to 
their real needs.

Nature and evolution has proven that many times.
Even now we are often surprised that the behaviours and structures of 
all creatures on this earth serve a certain purpose which has been 
developed over the time.
It was not carefully planed as a perfect world from the beginning on 
because then all creatures would have been unchanged since then.

> Cheers,
> Reinhard

	Andreas Hochsteger

I don't know, if I can follow this interesting discussion further, since 
I'm going to marry my girlfriend on saturday (perhaps you already noticed).
I'll be back on 29th of June.

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