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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [flow] session creation
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 17:35:18 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> I am using global variables in two situations ....
> 1. Static Variables
>     stuff like could easily be in the Application or Request Context:

I found out in Cocoon.idl (is it up to date?) that (IIUC) you have 
access already to cocoon.context. So you write something like:

cocoon.context.Beans =

> {
>               COVERAGE    : "org.iniva.archive.Coverage",
>               PERSON        : "org.iniva.archive.Person",
>               PROJECT        : "org.iniva.archive.Project",
>               RESOURCE    : "org.iniva.archive.Resource",
>               TYPE            : "org.iniva.archive.Type",
>               URL            : "org.iniva.archive.Url",
>               USER            : "org.iniva.archive.User"
>         } 

(Beans will be context attribute). This should provide fallback in case 
flow context variables get rejected (Christopher already -1'd it).

> If there are going to be ways of externally configuring how Global 
> Variables are stored, I think we need to take into account a possible 
> need to store different variable sets in different ways. 

That would be terrific.

> I do not believe that a global setting in Cocoon.xconf would be a good 
> idea though, I will have multiple FlowApps in one Cocoon Instance, 
> they by no means would want to share the same settings.

Agreed, cocoon.xconf is not a good place.


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