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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Flow Database stuff ( The new FOM? )
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 20:43:04 GMT
Hugo Burm wrote:
> - Hibernate is LGPL.
> This is a pain in the ass. I cannot provide a ready-to-use Hibernate cocoon
> block because of LGPL versus Apache license issues.
You can, it can be hosted under like Fins and CVSSource, 
that booth are based on LGPL libraries. A Hibernate block under 
cocoondev where discussed in the thread, but I don't 
know if anything happened.

                            -- o --

A somewhat OT discussion about "external" blocks:

It is possible to host Cocoon blocks (I talk about the current compile 
time installable blocks, not the forthcomming "real" blocks) outside the 
  the Cocoon CVS. I submitted some patches to the Fins community for 
packaging Fins as a block.

An externally hosted block consists of the block itself together with 
some xml fragments for configuration. The installation instructions are 
as follows:
* download the latest cocoon-2.1
* copy (or put a link to) your block to cocoon-2.1/src/blocks
* patch cocoon-2.1/gump.xml and cocoon-2.1/lib/jars.xml with the 
configuration snippets
* ./
not that complicated. It would be even simpler to install an external 
block if the gump.xml and jars.xml patching was made with the xmap 
mechanism, in that case it would be enough to copy the block to the 
blocks directory and recompile. The main drawback with this would be 
that the gump descriptor would have to be generated before it could be used.


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