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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Fixing module confusion (was Re: All scratchpad code migrated to FOM)
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 18:34:58 GMT
We discussed this reoccuring problem recently and there was a sort of 
consensus ( to 
remove the link which currently exists from xml-cocoon2 to the 
"historical" cocoon module and in its place create a real module at 
xml-cocoon2 which contains only one README.txt containing an explanation 
of the real module names.

I don't think I have the karma to do this myself without intervention or 
I would have done it by now.  Does this have to go through 
infrastructure or is there someone here who can do that?


Jacob L E Blain Christen wrote:
>>I just compiled a clean checkout with jdk1.4.1_01 on windows 2000 
>>without problems including the scratchpad. What error did you encounter? 
>>If it was with FlowVelocityGenerator, then you need to update from the 
>>latest cvs.
> I was compiling code originally checked out of HEAD when cocoon's
> cvs module name was "xml-cocoon" (I'd been running cvs update
> periodically) and I realized after hitting send on my email that
> perhaps I wasn't checking out the relevant module any longer.
> So, I referred to the installation howto once again: lo and behold
> it seems "cocoon-2.1" is where the "current" version of cocoon lives.
> I am checking that out now (slow connection, heh) and will let you
> know if I run into an problems (I do not forsee any).
> --
> Jacob

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