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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Component Manager (was RE: protected vs private instance members (in Woody))
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 12:32:11 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Upayavira wrote:

>>That was me! 
>I know :)
>>When I converted the CocoonBean to use ModifiableSources, I needed to get hold of
a SourceResolver. As the bean isn't an Avalon component, it didn't have one itself. The only
place I could think of to get it was the Cocoon instance itself. 
>>I'm quite happy to do this another way - all I need is to get hold of a SourceResolver
from outside an Avalon component. My Avalon knowledge is weak, so I am unaware of another
>I don't condemn your changes, they are absolutely OK! I only took this as an example of
what could happen with an instance member usual intended to be private. Don't worry :)

Just to add my small POV of "the one that doesn't like public access" 
(that's my role today) : adding a _public_ ;-) 
Cocoon.getComponentManager() is ok since Cocoon used as a library isn't 
really useful if we can't access the components that are inside !


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