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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: protected vs private instance members (in Woody)
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 17:39:02 GMT
I personally think implementation inheritance is a Bad Thing (TM). At my 
company we have a rule that disallows all use of implementation 
inheritance between modules. If module B depends on module A then A must 
provide _intefaces_ that B depends on. This creates a stable contract 
between modules that doesn't require recompilation between changes to 
the implementations.  And changes to the implementation of A can't break 
B. The same code reuse provided by implementation inheritance can be 
also be achieved through delegation and callbacks. We do allow 
unrestricted implementation inheritance (just for convenience) within a 
module, however.

My $0.02,


Bruno Dumon wrote:

>Hi Carsten,
>I saw you changed some instance members in Woody classes from private to
>protected. I used to have the habbit of making everything protected by
>default, with the reasoning of making classes easier subclassable in the
>future. Woody was the first project I tried to do it the other way
>around: make everything private by default, and see how quickly that
>would bring me into troubles.
>I'm now wondering if the changes you did to Woody are simply part of
>applying some general design principles or if you came into trouble
>because of private members? Or to put it in another way: do you think
>instance members should always be made protected by default?

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