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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Allow non-Cocoon elements in sitemap?
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 12:04:03 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

>Currently, if the treeprocessor encounters any nodes outside the
>'' namespace, it throws an exception.
>I would like to modify this behaviour to simply ignore non-Cocoon
>My use-case is that in Forrest, I'd like to document our numerous
>sitemaps with some embedded XML:
><map:sitemap xmlns:map=""
>             xmlns:doc="">

>Anyone mind if I make this (one-line) change?

Although this sounds good, what about sitemap validation ? Can we tell 
RNG to ignore foreign namespaces ? Also, I envision some problems if we 
use these foreign namespaces in the <map:components> section, which is 
the xconf of a ComponentManager.

A possible solution is to filter any element or attribute having a 
namespace different than "" or the sitemap namespace from what is used 
by the TreeProcessor to build the sitemap. But this prevents components 
using namespaced configurations (AFAIK we haven't any as of today).

Or we could also filter the opposite way : configure the TreeProcessor 
with a list of allowed foreign namespaces that are ignored, any other 
namespace being considered as an error.


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