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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Build is busted
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 22:31:07 GMT
Hi all,

Seems like current 2.1 build is screwed up. A bit. Issues at hands are:

 * jing is located in lib/optional but is used by build.xml. Is it used 
anywhere else? If no, it must be moved to tools/lib
 * commons-httpclient-20030210.jar is located in lib/optional but 
xsp\ in core does not compile without it.
 * jdtcore-2.1.0.jar: required for
 * jstyle.jar:
 * pizza-1.1.jar:
 * servlet_2_2.jar: environment\http\*

Scratchpad depends on:
 * castor-

Deprecated depend on:
 * jaxen-core-1.0-FCS.jar, jaxen-dom-1.0-FCS.jar, saxpath-1.0-FCS.jar: (hm. why it is deprecated?)

Libraries *not* required to do a compilation are:
 * altrmi-common-0.9.2.jar
 * altrmi-registry-0.9.2.jar
 * altrmi-server-impl-0.9.2.jar
 * altrmi-server-interfaces-0.9.2.jar
 * commons-logging-1.0.3.jar
 * jdom-dev-20020131.jar
 * logfactor5-1.2.8.jar

Either they are used in the runtime or build can recognize that they are 
optional... If they are not used at all -- we should remove them.


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