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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Link view goodness (Re: residuals of MIME type bug ?)
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 18:47:35 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

>I'm not very familiar with the code; is there some cost in keeping the
>two-pass CLI alive, in the faint hope that caching comes to its rescue
>one day?


Before you implement some approach here... Let me suggest something.

Right now sitemap implementation automatically adds link gatherer to the 
pipeline when it is invoked by CLI. This link gatherer is in fact is 
"hard-coded links view". I suggest to replace this "hard-coded links 
view" a.k.a link gatherer with the "real" links view, BUT attach it as a 
tee to a main pipeline instead of running it as a pipeline by itself. As 
a result, links view "baby" will be used, two-pass "water" will be 
drained, and sitemap syntax will stay the same. Moreover, the links view 
will be still accessible from the outside, meaning that you can spider 
the site using out-of-the-process spiders.

Given the pipeline:
  G --> T1 (label="content") --> T2 --> S,

And the links view:
  from-label="content" --> T3 --> LinkSerializer,

The pipeline built for the CLI request should be:
  G --> T1 --> Tee --> T2 --> S --> OutputStream
                   --> LinkSerializer --> NullOutputStream
                             --> List of links in environment

In one request, you will get:
 * Regular output of the pipeline which will go to the destination Source
 * List of links in the environment which is what link gatherer was made for



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