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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Schools of Development [was: Re: Cool (work)flow GUI editor]
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 13:30:19 GMT
Steven Noels dijo:
> <interlude advise="don't take this too seriously">
> More stupidity being put forward, I would humbly suggest to explicitely
> name the methodologies:
> 1) 'Barbara', in kind remembrance of B. Post
> 2) 'Carsten, the Early Years'
> 3) 'SchemoVidiuChrismatron'
> 4) 'Species' - since Apples and Pears are way to generic already, and
> it's what Darwin was all about
> 5) 'Rag' - since Dywel really sounds like a mop in Dutch if slightly
> misspelled
> ... in order to be able to ask a Cocoonie: what religion are you in?
> "Oh, I used to be an early CultofBarbara groupie, but now I tend to
> worship the mighty SchemoVidiuChrismatron."

I think many of us started believing in the Cult of Barbara. After all for
many of us that never saw a "hairy beasts" as XSLT and Cocoon. I think
this was the easier way to start using Cocoon. Many of us saw this: XSP is
easy to learn and Java is well known, I can believe in this cult. We can
call this also "The beginning", because of us started using Cocoon trying
to find better ways of development. :)

After ending the 1 application while learning Cocoon and some hard battles
with the "hairy beasts". The beasts started to be tamed for us. Then we
started losing our faith in the cult of Barbara, because we saw how
dificult will be mantain the new scripting lang. called XSP. :(

At that time many of us started the exodus and at the beginning was the
cult of 'Carsten, the Early Years'. Then is the "The transformers". :)
There was a time (before Flow) that the idea was use transformers and
actions for every thing. But this showed also problems related to database
intensive applications. I never being part of this. :( But the transformer
idea remain as a good legacy for the next generations.


> Kidding aside, is my categorization more or less correct? Might be cool
> to put on a slide once.

Seriously, where I can find more about "Apples" and "Dywel"? It is being
be part of Cocoon?

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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