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From Simon Hürlimann <>
Subject Re: Releasing 2.1
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 17:28:43 GMT
Am Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2003 17.46 schrieb Joerg Heinicke:
> Some issues:
> 1. POI: No real problem, but what about the code move to the POI
> project? They seem to prepare the 2.0 release, so I guess they only have
> no time at the moment ...
> 2. XSLTC: Geoff already mentioned it. I know of two heavy bugs in our
> 2.5.1 XSLTC:
> : stylesheet
> includes, seems to be already fixed in XSLTC CVS.
> : top-level
> variable with document(). This bug is so annoying because the stylesheet
> "works" in a way, but the cause of the failure is not obvious. And we
> don't know the reason for it until now: XSLTC command line works, Xalan
> works. But if we switch from Xalan to XSLTC in Cocoon the stylesheet
> stops working.

There's another XSLTC Bug that affects Cocoon. If you use a cocoon:/ URL in 
XSLTs document() function, the URI is prepended by the stylesheets path. That 
was a realy annoying bug that took me quite some time. The only "fix" for 
this bug is to switch back to Xalan:


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