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From Steven Cummings <>
Subject [2.1m2][xmlforms][wizard-flow] Nested xmlform wizard-flowscripts
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 20:18:12 GMT

I thought this question might get a better answer on the dev-list since I'm
using a newer addition to cocoon that still isn't completely finalized (as far
as I can tell). Hopefully I can completely explain what I'm trying to do here,
as I tried to do on the users' list

I have some JavaBeans that I want to edit with flow-controlled xmlform-wizards
and the beans are complex such that some of the properties are custom JavaBean
classes and some of those even contain recursively defined properties, e.g.,
class A has a property of class B, which might contain a property also of class
B, etc.

So my thinking is that I have to somehow save the continuation of editing class
A when I enter the flow-pipeline of editing class B, so that I can return
having edited the sub-object. But because the xmlform and wizard layers hide
the continuation id and general control, I'm not immediately sure of how to do
this. Are there any suggestions of what might be the easiest way to do this? Am
I explaining myself well?


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