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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Allow non-Cocoon elements in sitemap?
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 07:15:09 GMT

Currently, if the treeprocessor encounters any nodes outside the
'' namespace, it throws an exception.

I would like to modify this behaviour to simply ignore non-Cocoon

My use-case is that in Forrest, I'd like to document our numerous
sitemaps with some embedded XML:

<map:sitemap xmlns:map=""

      'faq' pipelines.  Implements source XML, body HTML and output PDF pipelines.
      Handles different FAQ DTD versions by sniffing the DOCTYPE, and
      applying an appropriate transformation.
      Source XML, body HTML, output PDF
    <x:example href="http://localhost:8888/faq.xml">Source XML for FAQ</x:example>
    <x:example href="http://localhost:8888/body-faq.html">Body HTML for FAQ</x:example>
    <x:example href="http://localhost:8888/faq.pdf">PDF of FAQ</x:example>
    <x:usedby>sitemap.xmap, which binds these generic pipelines to URLs.</x:usedby>
    <x:uses>content/xdocs/**.xml, depending on URL binding.</x:uses>

And perhaps some Ant-like 'description' attributes:

<map:match pattern="abs-linkmap"
  x:description="site.xml with @href's appended to be context-relative.">

With the option of taking this to silly 'literate programming'
extremes :)

Anyone mind if I make this (one-line) change?


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