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From "JD Daniels">
Subject Re: Hibernate vs. OJB
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 21:16:39 GMT
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From: "Hugo Burm" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 11:34 AM
Subject: RE: Hibernate vs. OJB

> OK, I have to admit, I did this on purpose (mentioning the front page
> instead of the exact URL), because there are some more interesting
> issues on this frontpage (a link to an introduction to Hibernate, and a
> to a new book on Hibernate.)
This , IMHO, was a good thing. I spent maybe two or three hours browsing
through that stuff :)

> I promised myself not to get involved into a "Hibernate is worse/better
> an implementation of XYZ of the JDO specs". Because this has nothing to do
> with Cocoon.
Why Not? Right now, IMO, we need exactly that. It is not really a matter of
"Cocoon Needs to be implemented this way" but more "look at what I have
done -- See where you can go?"

Alot of Cocoon new users are like me-- I can *see* what is there, but have
trouble wrapping my brain around the concept. Not the concept behind
*cocoon*, but the concepts BEHIND cocoon. Every basic app I have ever wrote
in php had the ADODB library. I really could not get into a technical
dicussion about how it caches or performance stats used against an airline
db. It is there, does what I need, and I have a database object (in PHP).
Before I start making Client code.

My point is that I think that a disscussion of Hibernate vs OJB (or another
JDO Impl) is and would be valuable. Not a discussion about best practices or
which is better, or licensing schemes, but how each *Could* be implemented.
(Flow, XSP) I read and used your Hibernate wiki trying find my place in the
Java Database world. I was actually looking forward to your postings on this
subject - You *Understand it* -- I dont.. but I want to. (Yeah I kinda
dropped your name on purpose.. sorry) It definately *Does* relate to cocoon
in the manner of *adoption*. I have some very code-heavy PHP apps kicking
around. I want to know how I can make complex mapping scheme in java so that
I can port them to cocoon, so I dont have to maintain 1200 line files of
html/php :) I think that just about everyone who is on the user list at
least lurks on the dev list and follows these types of threads.  So I do
think that having a rough idea of how to do this mapping with one or both is
a good thing to have kicking around or up somewhere as tutorials. For new
people coming to cocoon and wanting to do ports of their existing stuff.


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