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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: Alternatives to XMLForm: what's the state of art?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 09:54:08 GMT
From: Sylvain.Thevoz

> Some questions from a user that has sometimes difficulties to 
> follow the discussion on the dev list:
> What are the different alternatives to XMLForm and what is 
> the current status of each?

XMLForms will be released with Cocoon 2.1 

JXForms which are part of the scratchpad will be integrated into
the XMLForms block. The main difference between XMLForms and JXForms
is the controller but not the form declaration itself. So there should
be only minor changes necessary (if any at all). So the result will be

  - an XMLForms block with two controller implementations
    - Action
    - Cocoon Control Flow

> What is the best alternative at the moment (and in the 
> future) for users like me that are using XMLForm and want to 
> migrate to a similar (and compatible if possible) technology 
> due to the desolation of XMLForm project in Cocoon?

We will do the changes (integration of JXForms into the XMLForms block)
the next days.

If you are looking for an alternative (which has NOTHING to do with
XMLForms) checkout Woody (a block) but it is not ready for
production use at the moment because the interfaces are not stable.


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