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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: Flow Database stuff ( The new FOM? )
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 08:34:23 GMT

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> From: JD Daniels [] 
> Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 11:24 AM
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> Subject: Re: Flow Database stuff ( The new FOM? )
> I definately plan to write up some stuff on what it took to 
> get me running. I have taken a few clients and used cocoon to 
> solve small, specific issues with alot less hassle and better 
> maintainablity than PHP/PERL has proven to be.
> I have taken an in house project (An office manger to track 
> our time and project issues) and am developing it with flow. 
> we use it everyday, and alot of time is spent 
> hack-hack-hacking. alot is still in xsp.. just because it is 
> faster to build. Once I get it all usable, I will start 
> writing wiki on where I got stuck (Being new to java)

As mentioned it's a good thing if people with programming experiences
in other fields start with Cocoon and write documention because
you have another view on the things than we.

> The issue I am having right now is this one:

This issue should be solved by Chris. Please try the latest CVS
or Cocoon-2.1m3

> After I saw the recent activity on the FOM, I gave it a go, 
> but waaayy over my head for now.
> Basically.. I have sitemap match a lookup time ticket form, 
> which calls a JXForm (sitemap calls jxform function), then 
> displays the results. ( I used the petstore sample to get me 
> going.) The error happens if someone else logs in from 
> another machine. and does the same action. The first person 
> in gets cannot convert null to an object. Seems that the 
> second user's database connection bumps the first one into 
> nothingness.

See above.

> I tried to implement the change posted to the list, (In the 
> above thread), but I must be mixed up about what has been 
> changed in the cvs, because I got a nullpointer errors 
> loading JXForms.js in my flowscript.

The change posted in this thread was only a workaround but has
*not* solved the problem at its root!

> So I thought I would try to figure out what the best practice 
> for this would be :)

Please be aware that within the next days some things (flow, 
jxforms/xmlforms) could change which could have impacts on
your application.


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