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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject [Flow] Status
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 10:40:23 GMT

As promised here a summary of the current status. 
So if somebody wants to take an issue feel free to change

If you know of any issues that can't be found on this list or 
you think that the priority should be changed please let us know!

 Issues solved recently
 - basic implementation of the FOM
   --> done

 - get e.g. request parameter "xyz" using
   --> done  

 - implement getComponent( id )
   --> done
 - implement releaseComponent( component )
   --> done
 - implement load( script )
   --> done   

 Issues to be solved until beta1 (14th)

 - sendPage( "internalOnlyPipeline", bizData )
   --> Sylvain will take a look into it this weekend
 - discussion: Do we allow actions to wrap flow function calls
   --> started

 - BUG when requesting flow pages with JMeter (occurs only if
   FOM is used see
 - Implementation of the continuations object
   --> open
 - all flow examples have to use the FOM
   --> open
 - move FOM to main trunk and make it the default flow
   --> open
 - move Petstore to main trunk (and use FOM)
   --> open
 - move JXForms to main trunk (and use FOM)
   --> open
 - Linotype has to use FOM
   --> open
 - move the JXTemplateGenerator to main trunk (and use FOM)
   --> open
 - votings
   --> Reinhard (I'll start them ASAP I'm only waiting for Sylvains RT
 - test continuations expiration
   There has been a mail that there are some problems with it.
   --> open

 Issues to be solved until release
 - legacy.js
   provide access to input modules and actions using
   (IMO: not absolutly necessary for the 14th but for
   --> open      

 - reorganize the docs and give the flow a more prominent
   --> open    

 Issues to be solved until release (nice to have)

 - raise exception if component is unreleased
   (not absolutly necessary for the 14th!)
   --> open   

 Issues for Cocoon 2.1.1 (or so)

 - synch rhino-continuations with Rhino\\
   (GR)''The current Rhino version is an old development one. 
   Porting the continuation engine to the last version it's not 
   an easy task, but should be pretty high priority oon the list. 
   --> GR, CO
 - automagical lookup and release of stateful components
   in flows with continuations support
   function myFlow() {
      var c = cocoon.getComponent( "blabla" );


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