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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: [Vote] Cocoon Advanced Control Flow
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:23:20 GMT

From: Steven Noels 

> On 9/07/2003 14:37 Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> > [3] I'm aware of Sylvain's and Marc's proposal on changing
> >     the scope of available controllers. I contacted Sylvain off-list
> >     and the said that they want to come up with a concrete 
> > implementation
> >     of their proposal in the future and this should *not* influence
> >     the release of Cocoon 2.1 as the proposed changes would 
> only have
> >     a small impact on the *public* interfaces.
> +1 under the assumption that:
>   - we can reasonably expect that Sylvain & Marc will try to minimize 
> the impact on public interfaces (i.e. sitemap syntax and friends) of 
> their planned future contributions
>   - the 'original flow' is considered to be but one implementation of 
> the aspect of flow handling in Cocoon, especially in the 
> naming sense. 
> It should be possible that sitemap constructs can be 
> reconsidered, and 
> it should also be possible that 'Flow' is considered to be a 
> generalized 
> service in Cocoon, with a number of realisations, without the 
> 'original 
> flow' claiming the entire Flow concept thought- and namespace

No problem if the community decides in the future to go this way things
will change. And IIUC from a technical POV the proposed changes are
small *for the user* of the already existing JavaScript _controller_ ;-)
and we can help them if we provide a 'compatibility' mode (as suggested
by Sylvain) that writes WARN logs and if we write into all release docs
that a public interface will be deprecated.

> It's good to see progress in this matter, thank you for 
> shepherding the discussion into a vote, Reinhard!



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