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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: Woody or JXForms? + hibernate or * ?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 06:05:52 GMT

From: Antonio Gallardo

> Hi:
> I want to try some of the new spectacular technologies 
> sported in Cocoon :) I also will play with persistent data. 
> The idea is to create a simple database application using 
> postgres as storage of persistent data.
> After checking all the docs. For forms: I cannot decide 
> between JXForms and Woody? Please I need an advise from the 
> gurus in forms.
> For the object-database mapping is suggested Hibernate.
> I am still trying to find other ways similars to Hibernate 
> since it looks like Hibernate is not a favorite player 
> because of his LGPL license. :(
> I know there is a jakarta project related to database stuff. 
> DBCP is just a Database connection pool. but,

If you want to set up a Cocoon example you may have a look at

> please note I dont want to start another war.

I didn't want to start the discussion about the Cocoon Form framework
until Cocoon 2.1 is released but I couldn't resist to answer on you
mail ;-)

JXForms is very close to the XForms standard by the W3C. The problem
with this standard is that is was written for clients and not for

On the other hand Woody is IMO a server-side form framework
with the possiblity to reuse parts. The key is that Woody uses
widgets and widgets needn't be fields. So you could write a calendar
widget and reuse it everywhere.
Currently Woody is missing a connection to your data models. Marc
wrote RT on this topic but I have to admit that I haven't had the 
time to answer on them and IMO Woody needs the *possiblity* (not a must)

to plug-in a global data dictionary (greetings from SAP ;-)

As you can see the frameworks are different and designed with different
goals. I'm not sure how those can be combined but I'm expecting Sylvains
RTs ( 
on it.


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