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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: OJB and Cocoon
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:08:12 GMT

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> From: Ugo Cei [] 
> Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 11:26 AM
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> Subject: Re: OJB and Cocoon
> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> > Hi:
> > 
> > I already do contact with the Apache OJB community. My idea 
> is to use OJB
> > instead of Hibernate.
> > 
> > Here is the last mail from the communication with the 
> project leader of
> > OJB community.
> > 
> > Comments are welcome. :)
> Being one of the foremost proponents of Hibernate, I'd like to add my 
> 0.02 €.
> I chose to go with Hibernate for our in-house projects some 
> time ago and 
> I'm very happy with it, licensing issues notwithstanding (we aren't 
> distributing any of our code, so we haven't any problem with 
> the (L)GPL, 
> at the moment). In performing our evaluation, one of the most 
> important 
> factors was the perception that there was an active community around 
> Hibernate. This did not appear to be the case with OJB, at least from 
> the website. I'm happy to hear that OJB is progressing along nicely 
> instead. Competition can be a good thing (even though maybe 
> "coopetition" would be better).
> As far as Cocoon is concerned, there is really no reason why 
> we should 
> "choose" a persistence framework over another one. Properly 
> layered web 
> applications should not mix concerns too much between layers. This is 
> why I refrain from accessing any persistence-related code 
> from the view 
> layer. I'm not going so far as to create an encapsulation of the 
> persistence mechanism that would allow me to change it 
> without changing 
> the client code, since I think it would be overkill (KISS!), but 
> referring to Hibernate/OJB/whatever APIs from the flow only, 
> directly or 
> indireclty, is OK in my book.
> In other words, I personally see no benefit in developing a generic 
> framework for tieing views to persistence as a Cocoon block or other 
> kind of component. Let the application developers choose their 
> persistence mechanism (straight JDBC, O/R mapping, EJB, ...) 
> according 
> to the specific application needs and give them the tools (flow) to 
> control the interaction between the Model and the View.

IIUC we are only talking about examples and not *fundamental* Cocoons
stuff. Hibernate and OJB is IMO exchangeable and as we can put OJB
libraries into CVS it just easier for us. 


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